Higüey International School was founded in 2002 to serve Christian families of Higuey, providing quality education centered on Christ, English and Spanish speaking, enrollment for this school year 2014-2015 it’s 277 students with a number of 24 students per grade. Higuey international school serves around 230 Dominican, American, Haitian and Italian and German families.

Higüey International School has an area of 2400 square meters of land, and distribution of 4 buildings, for Administrative work, Teacher, Food and beverages, Library services and Laboratory of physics and chemistry, Cafeteria, Music room, two troughs and a kitchen , Recreational facilities basketball court, parking lot etc.-

The academic staff has more than 35 teachers including special teachers for music, art, physical education, the vast majority of teachers are graduated by the Ministry of Education, doing ACSI accreditation.

Higüey International School is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of six members: a Pastor of the New Life Church, the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Zoila Del Orbe, Mr. Iván Hernández, Mrs. Petronila de Jesus and Mr. Ramón del Orbe. They represent some positions in the school as well as Christian leaders.

The Academic Director Doctor in Education Mrs. Zoila del Orbe and the Administrative Director Licensed in Educational Administration Mr. Iván Hernández are responsible to the board and are members with voting rights

HIS uses the curriculum and curriculum of A Beka Book, American curriculum owned by the Pensacola Christian College, this institution of the Bilingual School with curricula of all grades and books for students by grade, A summer seminar is also held to train teachers for a week.

Students enrolled in HIS, continue to earn a degree, or are promoted in any public or private school in any state of the United States.

The local curriculum is a combination of the A Beka Book Curriculum and the Dominican Curriculum required by the Ministry of Education to private educational institutions according to the Dominican Educational legislation.-

The Bilingual Christian College Higüey International School is an active member of the International Association of Christian Schools and candidate for international accreditation of ACSI and authorized by the General Directorate of Private Educational Institutions of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic DGIEP with resolution number 013-2012.

HIS is a non-profit educational institution with a performance budget that is based solely on tuition and parenting fees.

HIS develops the A Beka Book program of 170 lessons per teaching day worked, we carry out all curricula by grade between 38 and 40 weeks, beginning in the second third week of August and ending in the third week of June, with an entrance schedule of 7:30 AM until 12:00 for Initial from Monday to Friday and for Basic and Average from 7:30 until 3:00 and until 4:30 with the homework program from Monday to Friday, with the rest of Two Weeks at Christmas and Easter each year.-

The uniforms are two: the weekly classes and the physical education.

The one of Weekly classes: is a poloshirt White of collar with the Logo of the School, a khakis pants, black shoes and black belt.-

The physical education uniform: a white shirt with the College logo, a dark blue sweatshirt with white stripes with the College logo and white tennis shoes.

All students, without exception, must complete the national tests at the Basic and Middle level, and must complete the compulsory social work coordinated with the Educational District as a prerequisite for graduation.

Curricular and extracurricular activities should involve all students, see school planning.

Dominican Universities where the graduates of HIS can accede with the Bilingual Title of Bilingual HIS in the Dominican Republic:

  • Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra
  • Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriques Ureña
  • Universidad Acción Pro- Educación y Cultura APEC
  • Universidad Central del Este
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo INTEC
  • Universidad Nacional de Ciencias exactas
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago UTESA
  • Universidad Dominicana Organización y Método
  • Universidad Católica Nordestana
  • Universidad Iberoamericana
  • Universidad Adventista Dominicana
  • Universidad Interamericana
  • Universidad Católica Tecnológica del Cibao
  • Instituto Tecnológico del Cibao Oriental
  • Universidad Tecnológica del Sur
  • Universidad Católica de Santo Domingo
  • Universidad Eugenio María de Hostos
  • Universidad Central Dominicana de Estudios Profesionales
  • Universidad Odontológica Dominicana
  • Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales
  • Universidad Nacional Evangélica
  • Instituto Superior Agrícola
  • Universidad Cultural Dominico Americana
  • Universidad Federico Henríquez y Carvajal
  • Universidad de la Tercera Edad
  • Universidad Abierta para adultos
  • Universidad Católica Tecnológica de Barahona
  • Universidad Del Caribe
  • Universidad Experimental Felix Adam
  • Universidad Agroforestal Fernando Arturo de Meriño
  • Universidad Psicología Industrial Dominicana
  • Instituto Tecnológico Mercy Jacques
  • Instituto Técnico Superior Oscus San Valero
  • Universidad Nacional Tecnológica
  • Instituto Cristiano de Estudios Superiores Especializados
  • Instituto Superior de tecnología Universal
  • Barna Escuela de Negocios
  • Universidad Católica Del Este
  • Instituto Especializados de estudios Supriores de la Policía Nacional
  • Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salome Ureña
  • Instituto Superior para la defensa
  • Instituto Stevens de Tecnología Internacional
  • Instituto Tecnológico de las Américas
  • Instituto Especializado de estudios superiores Loyola
  • Academia Superior de ciencias Aeronáuticas
  • Instituto Global de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Sociales

Universidades Americanas donde los graduados de HIS pueden acceder con el Título de Bachiller Bilingüe de HIS en la Republica Dominicana:

  • Asbury College
  • Bryan College de la Universidad de Campbell
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Cedarville College de la Universidad de Clemson
  • Colegio de Lake Country
  • Comunidad Christian College
  • Universidad de Concordia
  • Emmaus Bible College
  • Universidad Evangel
  • Goshen College
  • Houston Community College
  • Huntington Universitaria de la Universidad de Judson
  • Universidad LeTourneau
  • Liberty University
  • Miami Dade College
  • Miami Florida International University
  • Montrea College
  • Instituto Bíblico Moody
  • Osak Technical College
  • Osark Christian College
  • Palm Beach Atlantic College
  • San Antonio College
  • Universidad Simon Froser
  • Universidad Simpson
  • South Western University Taylor University
  • Universidad de Temple
  • Union University Drive, de la Universidad de Illinois
  • Universidad de Mobile, de la Universidad de Carolina del Norte
  • Universidad de Nevada
  • Western Illinois University
  • Wheaton College y Winkler Instituto Bíblico
  • Pensacola Christian College