1.1 Social Environment Features Bilingual Christian School Higüey International School is located in the streets Felix Servio Doucudray Number 36, Huascar Tejeda No. 102 and Street General Manuel Maria Suero Number 117 Enriquillo sector field near the Basilica, and public offices central area city of Higuey la Altagracia Province.

This residential-commercial sector is down the street as Felix Servio doucudray movement and social development is residential and Huascar tiled street is purely commercial. In this sector, business, service and Christian evangelical Protestant and Catholic churches, as well as educational services to Christian and Catholic philosophies are developed.

It is important to relieve the education services sector since the two oldest schools in the city of Higuey, La salle and Our Lady of Altagracia are located; likewise 150 meters away are located the Marahnata College Missionary College and the Two Marys College; Colegio San José besides all educational institutions offering traditional educational services, namely developing academic curricula in Spanish without any art, craft or specific specialty.

By Felix Street Serbian Doucudray opposed to commercial and service activities carried out by the street Huascar Tejeda family activities fully develop.
It is a socially pluralistic field services related to beauty salons, grocery stores, mobile services and Internet communication, lawyers, bakers’ shops, and the other side of the family residential sector.

1.2 Economic Environment Features Higüey Bilingual International School commercial sector is a primary sales and residential services; an average economic level. The people are usually public and private employees of the hotel zone of the coast of Bavaro, Punta Cana and Uvero Alto.

1.3 Natural Environment Features Bilingual School International School Higüey. This is a basically commercial sector, so many and varied are observed malls.

1.4 Education Environment Features Higüey Bilingual International School is a sector of middle class with the oldest educational institutions in the city providing education without specific technical areas or defined.

Education services offered by public and private schools and colleges are purely academic curriculum pattern obeying the officer of the Ministry of national education in some schools with Catholic philosophy and other evangelical Christian philosophy.

1.5 Characteristics cultural environment Higüey Bilingual International School is a culturally sector provides only an evangelical Christian church. First Assembly Church of God Inc. founded by Pastor Rev. Pedro deceased

2.1 Physical Plant Higuey Bilingual International School has four buildings divided as follows:

2.1.1 Physical Plant main school Higuey International Bilingual School has a projected 4 story building currently having built only three floors and the third floor is already operating four classrooms, their foundations and foundation is built for the 4 floors.

Today in this building offer services teaching, and direction. On the first floor we have offices address, Secretary-Treasurer, and Academic Board; plus five grade classrooms, 6 bathrooms 3 separate for girls and 3 for boys and two access stairs to the second, third and fourth floor.

On the second floor we have separated the virtual classroom, grade five classrooms, guidance offices and psychology and then the two access stairs to the third floor where we have 5 classrooms, the staff room, 6 bathrooms 3 for children and 3 for girls, then two stairs to the fourth floor where we project the Great Hall Event Higuey Bilingual International School for up to 300 people in the auditorium more bathing facilities for men and women and office storage food and beverage.

2.1.2 Physical Plant Services Food and Beverage Higuey Bilingual International School consists of a 3-story building designed for today having built only two floors but its foundations and foundations are built to the 3 floors.

Today in this building offer the services of food and drinks on the first floor we have the dining room – kitchen where we offer snacks and lunch service for students and teachers; parallel with this same physical space today is multipurpose, conducted conferences, parents and guardians and all Friday morning devotions with all the children of the school is done. On the second floor we have the living of Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences, the office of teaching resources and audiovisual room. On the third floor is a lounge designed arts and music and extracurricular activities in the afternoon.

2.1.3 Physical Plant Storage Services Higüey Bilingual International School has a projected 4 story building currently taking only the first floor built but its foundations and foundations are built to the 4 floors.

Today in this building offer services, storage, entry and exit to the parking lot of Higüey Bilingual International School. More commercial premises rented to a business selling.

The remaining floors projected physical spaces as possible for the future to support the operation for the development of Higüey Bilingual International School.

2.1.4 Physical Plant service café and snack and lunch Higüey Bilingual International School, located in the courtyard of sport.

2.2 Furniture
The furniture Higüey Bilingual International School is divided into 6 types of furniture divisions or departments.

2.2.1 Furniture initial levels in three degrees total 15 small tables with chairs for 6 children (as) per table for a total of 90 seats, plus three teachers desk with chairs and booster seats for attendees Teachers and closet of books for each degree of initial and three furniture carries lunch boxes for each grade of the initial level -.

2.2.2 Furniture for basic levels of traditional seats numbered by degrees
For a total of 158 seats in basic grades 8 tables and 16 chairs for teachers, 8 lockers for books.

2.2.3 Furniture for snack and food services at noon, 2 tables with chairs for snack integrated degrees initial, 40 tables and 200 chairs for primary and secondary services for snack and lunch at noon.

2.2.4 Traditional 6 office furniture desks and computers auxiliary tables 6 chairs with their respective office and 15 additional chairs for the office visits.
2.2.5 Furniture Salon in physics, chemistry and natural sciences 15 seats around the main table.
2.2.6 Virtual Classroom Furnishings. 25 tables and 25 chairs individual computer.

2.3 Teams
Teams of Higüey Bilingual International School are divided into 7 types of vehicles by divisions or departments.

2.3.1 Equipment in administrative offices have 4 computers connected to the Internet network administrators to arrange for the creation, management, and treasury secretary Higüey Bilingual International School

2.3.2 Equipment in classrooms more TV DVD, Two ceiling fans plus a whiteboard dry erase crayon.

2.3.3 Teams in Virtual Classroom
25 complete computers networked with UPS Internet
4 KDK Fans
1 Air conditioning 48000 BTU
25 individual computer tables
25 white armless chairs

2.3.4 Equipment in salon Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences
12 white seats without backrest and arms.
1 master table specifically
Table 1 stove to propane
1 double sink
1 Periodic Table elements
1 single Balance
1 Scale Electronics
1 School Microscope
January Weather meteorology center-center
2 Compasses
1 School stethoscope
One insect magnifier
6 test tubes 16×160
12 tubes with lid
Displaying 1 wall thermometer
Two magnifying glasses
2 pairs of hourglass
1 pack of paper PH
1 package of red and blue litmus paper
2 Sprin scale dynamometer
1 installation gauge
1 set slide and cover slip
1 medium funnel
2 cups 100ml precipitated
1 glass 250ml precipitated
1 clamp for test tube
2 Droppers
1 Bottle dropper
Two 100ml Erlenmeyer flask
1 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask
1 Grandilla Wood
1 Chemical Thermometer
1 Magnifier with light
1 100 ml graduated cylinder
1 mortar with pestle
1 tripeé
1 asbestos grid
1 Lamp alcohol
Two petri dishes
1 box section
1 Triangular Prism
1 box of microscopic preparations
1 Set of electricity and electronics
1 Set of air force
1 set of water pump
1 Normal human torso size decomposable skeleton
1 miniature skeleton
4 wall posters
10 geometric shapes in cardboard

2.3.5 Equipment in dining room:
1 Industrial stove 3 burner
1 homemade 4 burner stove and oven iron
2 tables stainless steel
1 Hot buffet with 6 trays
1 oven roast
1 extractor stainless steel grease
100 dishes calamine
100 plastic cups
100 holders
100 table knives
100 soup spoons
100cucharas dessert
1 blender
7 kitchen knives
6 used aluminum cooking pots
4 pots aluminum
1 Pressure Cooker
1 fridge
1 Oven microwave
1 Freezer
2 plastic storage tanks
One washer
24 tablecloths

2.3.6 Equipment Dining Room
60 white plastic square tables
240 White Chairs Armless
14 White Ceiling Fans KDK

2.3.7 Hall of Audiovisual Equipment and Music
1 TV Plasma 48 inches,
1 Sound Amplifier
2 speakers
1 podium 3 microphones
1 Projector
1 Toshiba Laptop
3 pianos

2.4 Human Resources
The family of collaborators Higuey Bilingual International School is represented by 5 levels of responsibility as follows:

Level 1 Board Higüey Bilingual International School formed by one president, one vice president, one treasurer, one secretary, one Vocal, 1 Pastor in faith.

Level 2 address Higuey Bilingual International School consists of 1 master responsible for all the planning and development of the school activity.
At this level also have the secretary treasurer, the clerk responsible for the management and growth of the project.

Level 3 Academic Department of Higüey Bilingual International School consists of 1 Course Director in charge of the whole teaching of the monitoring and evaluation of English-Spanish comprehensive curriculum development teachers.

Level 4 Higüey Bilingual International School service consists of 14 head teachers, 14 teaching assistants, physical education teacher, one psychologist and one counselor, teacher’s computer and art teacher.

Level 5 essential amenities of Higuey Bilingual International School confirmed by 9 reviewers distributed by areas 4 cleaning , 1 cook, 2 security, 1 assistant and 2 more bathrooms concierge to assist children in the initial level.
We recommend viewing the chart posted in the office of the College.

2.5 Registration
Higuey Bilingual International School College Tuition for school year 2013-2014 is 267 students between boys and girls covering three degrees of initial 90, Basic First to Eighth level, 158 children with basic and intermediate level with 19 children (as).

2.6 Families.
Families of Higüey Bilingual International School belonging to a middle economic class, lower middle and low, except for some very few cases that are within the upper economic class.

The great majority are native people of the city of Higuey who have had the opportunity to travel and see the need to learn the English language as a means for personal development and job competition have all expressed that their children in Higuey International Bilingual School for the American curriculum, guaranteeing that we work learning English as a second language, few have justified their children in this institution and also by the principles of Christian education we provide.

The direction of Higuey Bilingual International School for its mission, vision and philosophy considers very important the faith, more important than the English language, but parents and guardians of the Higüey Bilingual International School highlight this competitive advantage as language learning English and American curriculum development.

The institution persists and insists daily in the mission, vision and philosophy of the Bilingual School for parents to change their perception and grab emphasize Christian education their children are receiving.
Higuey Bilingual International School has established the Parent Company with a current board of directors SOPACOBHINS: Parent Company and friends Higuey Bilingual International School.

2.7 Projects in development

2.7.1 The area of ​​first aid and medical attention in the yard.

2.7.2 The third floor of the building where we will finish one classroom and a staff room.

2.7.3 The fourth floor where we will build the great ballroom of Higuey Bilingual International School Area 6 toilets and sinks.

2.7.4 In the center of the institution is proposed to develop the lung, oxygenation and beautification of the College, the green area and garden in the house that is in the center of Higüey Bilingual International School owned by the family who Botello Estrella report that will sell this property in the future when his heirs 6 siblings agreed the sale this property is planned to build College Park with concrete benches, landscaping and water feature.
2.7.5 Expansion, remodeling and separation of the College dining room, the dining room is designed to separate the kitchen and expand.
2.7.6 Build the central kitchen with cold room of meats, fruits and vegetables.

2.7.7 Construction and baby nursery children’s room on the second floor dining room extension.

2.7.8 Construction of apartments on the second floor entrance to the parking
To accommodate American teachers Ukiah Busch program volunteers
Program Officer, Partnerships and Programs Coordinator Campus Partners
Partners of the Americas 1424 K Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005
Direct (202) 637-6229 Skype [email protected]: kiahbusc

The Higuey International Bilingual School seeks to meet the need for quality education, Bilingual Christian with Christian principles and foundations in addition to the knowledge and learning of the English language.

3.1 Diagnostics underpinning the proposal / curricular emphasis
Our curriculum is based on Christian principles and knowledge seeking school daily to make or modify this awareness without values, and curricular content from baseline knowledge of the English language.

In our curriculum we develop the contents of the A Beka Book Curriculum supported and guided by the council of teachers of Pensacola Christian College, and monitoring, mentoring and membership ACSI Association of Christian Schools International’s complemented Dominican Curriculum materials as Spanish Language, Arithmetic, Society, and Nature, Spelling, and Civic Society that developed with the guidance and literature Dominicans of the publisher Santillana.

3.2 Selection of the needs to be met in priority order.
The requirements to be met in order of priority that would select two to achieve them in parallel would work well:

3.2.1 Guided and having as the mission and philosophy of the institution is clearly Christian in orientation and teacher training imparted to our students every day, every morning we make an assembly where we promote Christian values ​​and we thank the Lord for all which has offered us and the day that we will offer in the school.

3.2.2 Development of 90% of the curriculum in English to help you meet the need for children to acquire the bases and foundations for reading, speaking, correctly understand the English language.

3.3 Linkages to demand satisfaction of needs
Partnership is essential to an institution with the English language further management with philosophy, mission and Christian vision to develop this program.

For this homology and accreditation of institutions and teachers who manage the institutions that help, support and collaborate to develop this program.
Among them we can mention:
A Beka Book
A Beka Academy
PCC Pensacola Christian College
ACSI Association of Christian Schools International
Busch Ukiah Program Officer, Partnerships and Programs Coordinator Partners Campus Partners of the Americas 1424 K Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005 Direct (202) 637-6229 Skype [email protected]: kiahbusc

A Beka Book is a publisher of text books in Pensacola Florida for all levels of education in USA. Initial Level, Basic, Intermediate, and College. With this company we have a signed agreement to sell all books and materials for students and teachers including curriculum by grade.

A Beka Academy is a training company teaching staff and administration of all production of books A Beka Book and they do all the paperwork for books and supplies teachers reach us timely start date each year school here in the Dominican Republic.

Pensacola Christian College is an educational institution located in Pensacola Florida offering educational services to varying degrees at all levels of the initial, primary, secondary and university education; A BEKA developing this same program in Pensacola Florida USA.

We handle a homology with Pensacola Christian College to develop this curriculum in English, these training courses conducted during the school year and a training seminar in the summer to prepare all of our teachers teach us the way and the best way to teach their curriculum for lessons in an integrated curriculum which develops content for our students.

Several teachers have traveled to Pensacola, directors and staff to participate in training courses to empower the teaching and administrative methodology and to apply it in Higuey Bilingual International School.

ACSI Association of International Christian Schools are in the process of accreditation of the institution and accreditation of staff and faculty, all teachers are taking the course teacher accreditation by ACSI.

ACSI is an international institution to support Christian schools, they support us with administrative work and teachers as to training our staff with courses held nationwide.

All teaching staff of Higuey Bilingual International School has participated in these teacher training courses.

3.4 Other needs could be met in the medium term

The need to improve the English language spoken several professionals in different areas in the city of Higuey with the creation of one or more rooms ESL (English as a Second Language).

It is a new service we are offering our supplier ABEKA BOOK, this program is it offered on-line and in Higuey International Bilingual School Association shall make these mandatory courses for all English ESL teachers working today. There are several professionals in Higuey with English grammar but has difficulty explain a better accent for lack of having the opportunity to practice and improve and expand their vocabulary getting.

This room will offer the opportunity to practice English and meet the need of these professionals discuss, improve and broaden the knowledge of the English language.

His offer of Christians bilingual education services in the need for graduates with the competence and ability of the English language with a Christ-centric vision to build a better society and the strengthening of our great hotel industry area.

4.1 Define the proposed curriculum specifically
Our curriculum proposal is approved by the Bilingual Pensacola Christian College which is characterized by the continuing spiral of content grade by grade as passed from grade to grade knowledge is strengthening and deepening van going to a higher level of complexity .

4.2 Justification of emphasis

According to experts in education according to the chronology age children are able to master concepts and procedures and exhibit certain attitudes.
from two and a half years, and for them the justification to start school from 2.5 years to 3 years of chronological age, children (a) do not reach 3 years of age are subject to a monitoring and evaluation process to be accepted.
4.3 Consistency of the proposal

The proposed curriculum is consistent in promoting integral development
In the application of Christian principles and values, some advantages of the proposed
• Training and preparation for life in the use of resources and time
• High command of oral and written English language of current technologies
• Display high values ​​biblically
• Love and appreciation to family, neighbor, homeland and national identity
• daily practice good manners and good hygiene safety and health

4.5 Strategies and major planned actions

Implementation of projects
Instructions and rules repeat rules and procedures
Behavior model
Guide support and monitoring

4.6 Alternative Projects: monitoring tests, remedial actions, etc..

Rooms tasks.
Individualized tutoring.
Detention of specific curricular needs and daily track on the basis of need

The priority educational goals we have, some of which are working to get them in this year 2014.

These goals are accredited by him to see the middle level and the final accreditation from ACSI.

In addition to installing the operating English room ESL as a second language to train all our teachers in high-level English teacher accreditation of all our teachers by ACSI. ICOS Canada in the long term our goal is to graduate high school early Bilingual certified and accredited by our U.S. counterparts institutions and the Ministry of Education, 1200 and 1201 regional district of Higuey.

5.1 Goals and expected accomplishments for a year.
Media accreditation by the Ministry of Education.
ACSI teacher certification. ICOS Canada.
Get first place in the regional statistics of national tests Eighth Basic.
Complete first aid room.
Send to Pensacola to the missing part in the training teachers.
4 Termination school classroom, the staff room.

5.2 Goals and expected accomplishments for two years
Land Acquisition Center College
Building fourth floor with large living

5.3 Goals and expected accomplishments for three years
Building green and College Park
Construction of apartments for American teachers partners of Americas

5.4 Goals and expected accomplishments for four years
Graduating high school early bilingual accredited and certified by Pensacola Christian College U.S. PCC in Florida, A Beka Book, A Beka Academy, ACSI Association of Christian Schools International and the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic in the 1200 and 1201 Regional District of Higuey.

5.5 Goals and expected accomplishments for five years
Finished project development.

The Higuey Bilingual International School is a Christian Bilingual Education institution offering quality services in the levels of initial, primary and secondary.

Located in the heart of the city of Higuey accessible by three roads Felix Serbian Doucudray, Huascar Street Tejeda.y general Manuel Maria Zuero
With a high quality infrastructure means both quality of buildings and materials used in their buildings.

6.1 Projects that distinguish Higuey Bilingual International School of any other institution offering educational services in the city of Higuey.

Christian Bilingual Education and certified by accredited institutions in the United States of America.
Curriculum development in English and Spanish.
Process development and work of the school with textbooks in the United States and textbooks in the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic.
Special attention and care to the development of the student and family.
Case management with internal and external guidance and psychology.
Service extended hours until 3:00 pm. Extended Day
Service processing tasks with teacher tutoring from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Tutoring service in the homes of students, teachers houses, outside school or in the same school.
Optional lunch service.

6.2 Integration of the actors in the development of projects

The integration of educational actors in development projects Bilingual School International School Higuey is taken into account. Once you start a process and development of a project to engage students, parents, guardians, teachers, support staff and managers as warranted, to achieve the objectives of each project, aware that by omitting the participation of any of the actors must be integrated affects a good teaching-learning process.

6.3 Results that demonstrate the effectiveness of projects

The results demonstrate the effectiveness of our projects is the achievement of the objectives of each project and the solutions reached in each project to solve problems of all kinds.

The achievements and solutions to problems through the application and development of the project developed and assembled for possible solutions with positive results expressed satisfaction received by all educational stakeholders service.

Evidence: Student Achievement, students who have left the institution and the new institution where they were enrolled enroll more advanced the degree to which they have been promoted. Testimonials from parents, etc..
Students who have gone to other schools without lowering academic Bilingues index, maintaining the high academic standards at this institution.

6.4 Projection and links Higuey Bilingual International School

Higuey Bilingual International School is always at the forefront of new technologies for education to achieve academic excellence is why has the support and collaboration of international institutions to accredit and certify as an institution of quality management processes and standards to always provide quality service.

Higüey Bilingual International School be linked to institutions that are committed to offer quality education.

These linkages should be national and international as the specific case of linkage Logos Christian College of Santo Domingo for the training of our teachers.

The link we have in the Union of Private Schools Higüeyana UNHICOPRI setting standards and coordinating activities to achieve excellence and quality in school time.

The principles underpinning the Vision, Mission and Philosophy Higuey Bilingual International School are fully Christian.

Principle updated and technological progress in the understanding of the English language, preparing and training our children (as) to be competent in any English speaking institution.


Achieving excellence through study, perseverance, sacrifice, commitment, dedication, respect, tolerance and love with which things are done. Ensuring a comprehensive quality education based on biblical principles for a harmonious coexistence, appreciating and valuing life in all its manifestations. Humans, animals, plants, etc., respecting them as indispensable values ​​that belong to God the Creator of all that is beneficial to all and requires care and love.

7.1 Principles / values ​​sum up the philosophy of Higuey Bilingual International School.

Perseverance, sacrifice, commitment, dedication, respect, tolerance and love.

7.2 Brief definition of each principle

Perseverance each educational actor Higuey Bilingual International School must be a person persevering in students, parents, guardians, teachers, principals and all staff of the College to join the big family of the Bilingual School should be persevering to take any action or effect to stay focused on the purpose of the action, belief, attitude, who took to decide to join this institution person.

The Sacrifice each educational actor Higüey Bilingual International School should be deprived of many privileges to fulfill the mission of each of the paths for purposes such students to complete the tasks and commitments often have to forgo going for walks, rest and walk with their parents, this representing a sacrifice.

The actor delivers each educational Higüey Bilingual International School must devote time and effort to school activity or work done, whether personal or Administrative Faculty and services and also students and parents.
Shipping to our work in time and effort to make and do things in the best possible way guarantee success.

The dedication of all those involved in education Higüey Bilingual International School action should completely give help and cooperation for best results. The effort for the effort in achieving the objectives students, teachers, parents and guardians responsibilities. Students reward us with good grades, parents with good grades and high skills. The teachers dedication rewarded us with good contract terms.

Respect all educational actors of the Bilingual School International School Higuey should respect each other for the attention and consideration between them is given.

Respect is the minimum First take into account when we relate to each different level of responsibility of everyone in the group the College. Tolerance All educational stakeholders Higuey Bilingual School International School must understand tolerance and acceptance of diversity of opinion, social, ethnic, cultural and religious among all its members, each of us must be able to learn to listen and accept between valuing all the different ways of understanding and position in life, provided that not atentemos the fundamental rights of the individual as a unique person.

Love All educational stakeholders Higuey Bilingual School International School we love one another as having ideally the common good, self-improvement and others.

7.3 Plans, activities, tasks to be accomplished from these principles / values
Tasks, activities and plans to meet based on these principles or values ​​is the fulfillment of our vision, mission and philosophy of the Bilingual School International School Higuey that everything we do with our students lead us to comply with the acquisition of the vision, mission philosophy and educational center.

All educational actors must do every thing in Higuey Bilingual School International School first to serve God and ultimately for our students to learn and our parents and guardians are satisfied with the education of their children.

Learning of each of our students is meaningful and applicable to every area of ​​their lives.

Being an excellent educational institution of great Christians, bilingual values; forming critical, creative, principled, competent, able to serve and transform their environment and society founded on biblical principles individuals.
Big Dreams

8.1 Higuey International Bilingual School SchoolFormar critical, creative, principled and competent to transform this society students, graduates able to reach and occupy large fees for making decisions that re-routed the direction of society.

8.2 Aspiration last long run.

Being a Christian bilingual institution offering quality educational services in the initial levels, Basic and Secondary Bilingual Bachelors graduating Christians capable of entering the labor market for their high skills and English language training and skills in various areas of life .

8.3 Expressing the idea in the form of a slogan
Higuey Bilingual School International School instructing children for a better way.

Providing quality education, bilingual students in developing the ability to express respect and freedom, integrally forming exemplary individuals, to be leaders in service to their community, society in general and committed to developing a life of Christian principles.

9.1 Responsibilities and duties performed by the Bilingual School International School Higuey day

Our main task and responsibility is the holistic development of our children, dare shaping the development of our curricula. The welfare of each child (a) during the time in school.

9.2 Rationale for the Bilingual School International School Higuey
Higuey Bilingual School International School has reason to be and exist for the high demand for quality educational services in Spanish and English with deep Christian principles.

9.3 concise, direct and complete idea of the rationale
The demand for educational services in Higuey bilingual in English and Spanish quality with great Christian principles mean that there Higuey International School.


-Instruct children in a right way with an education in Bible-based values. Proverbs 22:6

-Being respectful children, responsible, principled and disciplined with high oral proficiency in spoken and written English and current technologies.

– To promote and develop the ability to read with understanding, appreciation and insight in both English and Spanish.

-Instruct students in reading, comprehension and understanding of the Bible.

-To train students to be comfortable using a grammar and pronunciation correct, both oral and written.

-Cultivate in students love and appreciation to family, to his neighbor; to the Dominican Republic symbols and national identity.

-To encourage the daily practice of good manners and good hygiene, health and safety.

-Empowering Children to investigate, make decisions and develop critical thinking based on the Bible.

-Instruct the exercise and control of various sports for the physical and motor development.

10.1 The highest aspiration expressed as a share

The greatest aspiration is to have the accreditation Higuey Bilingual School International School for motivation and receive this accreditation as payment of the work for 12 years we have been developing.

10.2 Partial gains oriented mission

As partially successful targeted mission we can attest to some students after making 5 and 6 students have traveled to the United States and there after filing a knowledge test and academic proficiency are inserted in the activity the next grade in school to continue their education process.

As we have seen that several of our students have had the opportunity to travel to the United States has served as a guide and translator for his parents and family on their vacation travel.

It is also important to mention that some of our students have served as a translator to your grandparents and parents for the purchase of machinery and heavy equipment dealers in the United States of America.

Grandparents have told us that their children will translate documents purchase of machinery and spare parts and take calls from the United States for the closure of a business.

The Higuey School International Bilingual School is at the forefront of technology, knowledge updated for use in teaching.

We are constantly researching all participatory classes and in the same community and educational stakeholders as well as the publishers of textbooks for training courses for teachers and staff in general.

11.1 main training needs.

Higuey Bilingual School International School is focused on its main training needs of teachers in the English language.

In this major need for training in English annual trips we do is based and attend the weekly summer hits the Pensacola Christian College
During the last days of July and the first days of August in the city of Pensacola in Florida.

11.1 main training needs.

Training Plan 2013-2014
Course Company Date Day Schedule Run Location Dirigido Cost Observations
Responsible Dear
1.Seminario Summer 2014 A Beka Book August 7/03/2014 7 7AM-7PM Pensacola Florida Teacher Pay 700$ HIS 100%
Pensacola Fl U.S.A Certification

2.Learning Estrategias

Grupo Santillana August 27-2013 1 2PM-5PM Dinner HIS Teacher 0 Certificationn
3.Capacitation Curricular Education Ministry Nov. 8,15,22,2013 3 8AM-5PM Cure Teacher Certification
  1. Conv. Nac. ACSI 2014
ACSI- Logo College June 25-30-2014 2 8AM-5PM Santo Domingo Teacher 0 Certification
5.Parents Congress HIS-Int. Womer JABIBE Nov. 12-13-2013 2 6 PM-5 pm Dinner HIS Parents RD $ 700 Certification
6. Cultural-Historical HIS Feb. 25/28-2014 1 5AM-10PM Select Estudiante RD $ 1,500 Certification
Teacher 0 Certification
7Princ. Biblicos To Master HIS Dec. 21-22/2013 2 8AM-5PM House Restoration Teacher 0 Certification
San Pedro Macorís


Example of a Teacher Training course for this 2013-2014 school year in Higuey Bilingual School International School
The teacher certification program ACSI Latin America is the means by which Christian teachers in local schools acquire a certified vocational training in the area of ​​Christian education.

Teach in a Christian school is a ministry that requires a unique teacher training. The teacher certification program is designed to testify that teachers and principals have completed the training requirements to fulfill this ministry. Having completed the program, it is valid for three years and can be renewed.

Aimed at teachers of evangelical Christian schools and colleges members of ACSI Latin America, who aspire to make a truly biblical and Christ-Christian education. Teachers must have a teaching degree or credential that authorizes them to teach in their country.

The program is structured in the form of 50 CPs (professional credits) that can be obtained by completing each of the four units.

First Unit Reading 16 CPs
Second Unit Philosophy 10 CPs
Third Unit Bible 16 CPs
Fourth Unit Final Work 8CPs

Single mode

Single mode

1. Teachers delivery program application form
2. Teachers presents photocopy of authorization credentials for teaching (teaching degree).
3. Paying the cost of the first year
4. Choose books with their respective checks to complete the first unit.
5. Inquire about ways to complete the requirements of the third unit (Bible).
6. Participate in classroom seminars by ACSI.

Institutional Modality

1. The director asks collective ACSI Latin inscription of their teachers, by completing and returning the forms and copy of authorization credentials for teaching each participant.
2. Paying the cost of the first year of all participants
Three. Acquire the nearest office of ACSI books and reading tests required by the program
4. The head of the school design a schedule of activities to perform readings.


RD $ 1,750.00 for enrollment in the first year of the program. If in the first year of program enrollment, do not meet the requirements for certification, from the second year is an additional cost and so on to complete the requirements.


1. Skipper God’s Truth RD $ 150
2. Integration and Learning RD $ 150
3. Theological Foundations RD $ 150
4. Towards a Truly Christian Education RD $ 150
5. Cien Ideas RD $ 150
6. Religious Neutrality RD $ 150
7. Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education RD $ 150

CD Worldview

11.3 Tutorials and internships provided

Mentoring and internships will be provided for our students made and always focused on solving a social problem, if not solve at least provide alternatives for resolution.

For example will be in the hospital, in jail Juvenile street they putting logos and informing and educating the youth of their age about drugs, sex and disease dates nationwide celebration which collect funds to be given the benefit of all those who have or are using drugs and involved in the sex business.

11.4 Actions monitoring practice.

All training is monitored by the management of Higuey Bilingual School International School.

Higuey Bilingual School International School have the manual of policies and standards for each department.
The Teaching staff has its rules, the staff of various services has its rules

12.1 Rules (general) for faculty and staff and service


We are a Christian institution approved by the Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL. USA. Our goal excellence in education which is possible with the work of a skilled staff, as such is required of all staff who work in this institution should lead by example, be a role model for the students, who holds the following characteristics:
Professionalism Responsibility Education continues
Respect / tolerance Commitment (Updated)
Compliance Honesty Positive Attitude
Here we present the policies of the Education Center, which all staff accept and agree with them from the moment they are known.


It is important that you as a teacher or staff of the Education Center shows good inside and outside the classroom, must show both an attitude of respect toward coworkers, all children (as), and to the educational community general.


Requirement is important to attend to their daily work, if his absence for some important reason necessary should send someone to replace him.

Compliance with this requirement will prevent your payroll deductions.


Are non-physical or verbal abuse of any employee departs (a) of the institution to the students. There will be a relationship of respect between all education stakeholders (parents, teacher, learner, society in general)


Every classroom should always look clean and organized. The teachers with their assistants prepare monthly and decorate your living room with sheets and messages related to the word of the month already held.


Cell phones must be turned off upon entering the classroom.


It should come daily uniform (a) and well presented (a), using closed shoes.


Communication is very important as it is written and because a certificate is more formality than oral communication, also moves parents to make a commitment to what is required in communication because you are usually asked to sign as read.
All communications with a parent either verbal or written must be aware of the address. Notes should stop by the office to be sealed.
All information is considered confidential, is not allowed to comment on discussions with parents, administrators, psychology department, etc.. in the halls with their colleagues who are not involved in the same situation, to avoid distorting the information.


Parents who have more than one child (a) are allowed to come in one hour, for this reason if I had a child (a) in your living room having brothers in another Level (Initial or Basic) then you deliver the day before the note Toddler Basic’s teacher Main so that it can deliver two or three notes in the first time if this is chosen by the parents, if the end of the day the teacher Initial still have those notes then deliver them before go to the teacher to make it basic this who give both notes.

Some parents for their work are authorized to sign or receive notes to bring your child in the morning the day of execution or delivery of newsletters, it is important to go by knowing the behavior of each parent of their degree to have all these features covered and avoid troubles.


Both parents and teachers (s) may have the need for a meeting, therefore it has been established through appointment to the development of the class is not interrupted. Coordination of appointments are made through the Directorate


Bilingual School Higuey International School pays on 05 and 20th of each month (biweekly) to all its employees the amount agreed at the time of hiring, the wage that was hired is for the whole school year and no gains are made but is provided by the appropriate authorities.


A maximum of 3 birthday is celebrated in every classroom, always on a Friday.
Teachers coordinate with mothers date of your convenience.


When you start the school year and during the coordination of some activities to a committee that coordinates is delegated, it must study the full plan making sure the amount of activities to be soon to determine the time to use and to program the activity, it is important to take care teaching time.


You may not disrupt the class at all times. We are all committed to care teaching time, so if we had the need to talk to a teacher find the right time to do it outside the classroom and quietly, as this also interrupted.

All staff of the Bilingual School International School Higuey is considered an adult aware of the commitments it has made and able to understand all the provisions that the institution requires.

This document will remain in effect for the duration as used in this institution. If I had the need for any inclusion or exclusion to the same address College is free to do at any time and must be made aware of all staff.

12.2 Regulation of Teachers

The teacher is referred to in regulation information to all personnel policies.
and education law 66-97.

12.3 Rules for Administrative and Support Staff

The regulation of the administrative and support staff is covered by the Policy information to all staff.

12.4 Rules of Discipline

Do what is right and good in the eyes of the Lord … Deut. 6:18

The purpose of discipline in Higuey Bilingual School International School is to educate and guide students in a better way; leading them to maturity and self-discipline, developing in them the character of our Lord Jesus Christ, providing a suitable environment for teaching – learning.

One of our goals is to correct the behavior that distracts and / or destroy the optimal environment for teaching and learning, as well as the form patterns that are beneficial to them as individuals and participants in a school community.

So this disciplinary manual contains the set of general rules and procedures by which the educational institution is governed and provides penalties as the offenses and the severity thereof, which will be related to the seriousness of the offense and the prior record behavioral student.

The application of sanctions will be clearly explained to the students, encouraging them to repent first, then to compensate and reward as a lack and strive to provide the opportunity to express that repentance for forgiveness and / or otorgándolo the offending party.

Disciplinary action will produce satisfactory results when the student expresses repentance and ask forgiveness genuinely therefore put it to knowledge and willingness of parents and / or guardians when formalizing enrollment.

The (parent or guardian) agrees:
-Send your child to school daily
-Send your child on time every day, no later than 7:50 am
-Send daily child in full uniform and materials Necessary.
-Refrain from sending the child with jewels or anything of value or Assume that the center is not responsible if lost or broken.
-Identify (mark) all the belongings that the child use in central Educational, so that they can be identified easily.
-Refrain from visiting the classroom your child’s class schedule Not interrupt mode.
-Report any irregularities directly in the direction of this School. Refrain from reckoning with no students, Parent.
-Collect the child promptly at the time is due.
-Refrain from honking or shock in front of the school.
-Refrain from sending others to pick up the child, to avoid
Troublesome situations, because the child will be delivered only to the (s) Person (s) name (s) by the school.
-Introduce appropriate clothing at the time of delivering or collecting Participate in any school activity.
-Attend all meetings of parents and / or guardians, convened For this school, as a matter of obligation.
-Assist the Education Center cited whenever (a).
-Teach your child to respect and love the Education Center that is part and all staff.
-Signing daily homework your child.
-Monitor and monitor your child’s academic performance.
-Follow up on recommendations if a situation arose That warrants. Pay on time, your child’s tuition at the agreed dates.
-Read with your child every day, for foster and cultivate this Habit.
-Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher (s).
-Respect the rules of the school canteen.

Here are what is expected of each student in different lines of conduct:


It is the recognition that all educational actors has value. It can be defined as the base of support of moral and ethics.

“Give all due respect.” 1 Peter 2:17

It is expected that all students
1.1 Express respect for God and his word
1.2 Show respect for the content of the school’s philosophy
1.3 Show an attitude of respect to all provisions contained in this manual.
1.4 Observe and comply with the provisions adopted by the school authorities.
1.5 Display an attitude of respect for their peers, teachers and other authorities.
1.6 Please be civil, respectful, considerate cuts and other verbal and gestural language.
1.7 Show a pattern of obedience to all teachers and school authorities.
1.8 Take care of school property (furniture and equipment) and show respect for others’ property. If a student causes damage (intentionally or not) to any security and / or school teams, is required to replace it.
1.9 Refrain from bringing CDs, cell phones, magazines, radios, headsets, artists posters, toys, or other items out of the need to take their classes. If they bring will be retained by the school and will be returned at the end of the semester of teaching is taking.
1.10 Refrain from intentionally leave campus, individually or collectively, at times not allowed
1.11 To go with a classmate home …
1.12 Be polite and show good manners:
-Approaching visitors to help them find another agency or office.
-Standing up to the entrance of a teacher and / or authority or visitor to the classroom.
-Maintaining respect for the parliamentary order in the classroom, that is, he is granted talk to, raising his hand to ask permission.
-Refraining from using street answers or popular on campus.
-Wait at the door to be admitted by the teacher to get to a classroom to deliver a message.
-When talking in the halls, do conversationally, without raising his voice or shout.
-When walking in the halls, I do it wisely without running.

The school reserves the right to make or withdraw the student’s enrollment expressing behavior contrary to expectations in this Disciplinary Manual.


The value of love is to have as an ideal the common good, the improvement
Own and that of others.


The value of love is to have as an ideal the common good, self-improvement and others.
“You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one another” Lev. 19:11

It is expected that all students develop the value of honesty in all its forms, is therefore prohibited plagiarism in all its forms, lying, and stealing

It is forbidden to cheat on tests, and / or using information fraudulently.


It is the conception that every age and civilization is about the fairness of the common good. It is a value determined by society. He was born of the need to maintain harmony among its members. It is the set of rules and standards that provide a framework for relations between people and institutions, authorizing, prohibiting specific actions and allowing the interaction of individuals and institutions.

“God is just and right” Deum. 32:4

All students are expected to be righteous with everyone.

By self-respect and others, we must learn to resolve our differences through a thoughtful and effective communication, therefore incitement to violence and physical aggression within the institution, in neighboring areas and / or at school activities is prohibited .


Known as perseverance that have some value to human beings in their act and involves perseverance, firmness and tenacity in achieving something, whether a given goal, such as graduating from the course of studies that have chosen, starting a family or in achieving some work if you want to get or whether the economic and professional revenues that can give you.

Ie, perseverance is what one intends to achieve and which employ media strategies necessary to reach this or that purpose.


Action and effect of study devoted to the study consecration


The ability to comprehend and understand the value of different forms of life ..


Set of laws and agencies is to protect against certain social risks: accidents, sickness, strikes, old age, etc., applicable to the branch of the Civil Service whose purpose is to ensure the safety of citizens.

“He led them safely so that they feared not” Psalm 78:53

Use of medications:

The use of drugs during the retention of students in the school must be notified by parents.

Departure time:

Students must remain within the school premises departure time, waiting to be picked up by their parents or a person duly authorized to do so, either during regular business hours or exam periods.
If the student needs to leave school before dismissal time, you must have a signed parental permission.

Care to others / prevention:

You are prohibited from throwing objects, stones or other materials that can cause harm to others.


“For his God instructs him and teaches him what is right” Isaiah 28:26

Attitude and position in class:

The attitude in class at all times must be active and respectful participation, avoid disorders, posture and inappropriate conversations.

Proper posture in the classroom, poor posture prevents attention required for learning and injures health is required.

Materials, books and work:

It is expected that all students bring to class daily all necessary materials, take care and keep in good condition all his books and notebooks and perform their tasks complete on time.

Food and beverage

Not allowed to consume food or drinking beverages in the classroom or in the hallways at any time. All food and beverages will be consumed in the dining area.

It is not allowed the use of chewing gum at any time or place within the campus.

Recreation and Leisure:

The retention of students in the classroom during recess time or non-teaching time is not allowed.

Complementary activities of the curriculum:

It is mandatory for students to attend the activities organized to complement the curriculum development (field trips, lectures, courses, workshops, etc.).


Students may receive conditionality in its re-registration, after repeated warnings in their behavior and / or academic performance.

She those students whose academic achievement impose conditionality is below the minimum set by the school.

-It to any student whose attitude behavioral conditionality imposed in school disciplinary manifest inconsistency with this manual.


“Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not for men” Col. 3:23


Whenever a student is absent from class, will have to catch up (updated) yet for each subject material. Be given a run for it, as appropriate, when completed within no excuses will be accepted for incomplete work.

If sick family must submit a medical certificate.

Check the classroom:

No student should leave the classroom without permission, if necessary must carry a pass signed by the teacher (hall pass) must show that any teacher or school official who demands. A student who does not have the paper indicating the permit will be returned to the classroom or shown as the case warrants.


All students must attend class correctly and completely uniform:
Using full-uniform chosen by the institution, both the regular and the PE. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday: khaki pants + polo neck with school logo, belt and black shoes, white socks, Tuesdays and Thursdays, sports uniform, sweatpants with school logo + shirt with school logo + white tennis shoes and white socks.

-Suitable, clean and good shoes on. Wearing sandals is not allowed.

-No headscarves are allowed, no hats or other head covering thing.

-Males should wear a discreet cut and avoid extravagance.

-During the polo school activities and / or of the uniform shirt must be tucked into pants.

In young-use accessories should be modest and appropriate for a school environment that minimize distractions.

-It is expected that all students attend school activities appropriately dressed, even on the occasions he is allowed to go without uniform. I always dress covered and rescued more possible.

Lost Objects:

If by mistake the Center sends an object that does not belong to your child (a), and took him by mistake, please return to the center with an attached note.

Personal phone calls:

Not receive personal phone calls except emergency.

Maintenance of school:

Every student must contribute to the cleaning and beautification of the school, avoiding littering outside the right place. Failure to comply with this rule will be duly punished.


“Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls” Stg. 1:21

The following situations are prohibited at school and some of them outside of school. Higuey Bilingual School International School enrollment of any student who is involved in them reserves the right to re-enroll:
Smoking inside-and / or off campus
-Drinking alcohol in and / or off campus
Foreign-dating on campus.
Frequently-Critical or demeaning comments, a mocking attitude, disrespectful or insolent to the school authorities.
Sexual Immorality-inside and / or outside of school the 1st Cor. 6:20
-Use of inappropriate language or profanity on and / or off campus.
-Challenge and voluntary school authorities disobedience.
-Any behavior on and / or off campus with adverse consequences for the testimony of the school.
Lower-Support 85% during the year. A very demanding curriculum that requires the faithful school attendance is developed.

The faults are classified as Minor
All absences will plea to disciplinary action that may affect academic performance, behavior rating and student records.

The penalties are classified as:

Reflective: Oriented learner seek repentance and reconsideration of his conduct. This involves asking for forgiveness in private or in public to the victims, as has been the lack.

Institutional: the faults are classified and proceed as follows in accordance with the Disciplinary Manual.

Sanctions will be applied according to the magnitude of the fault, described below:

Minor faults: those that alter the normal development of the school and violate the internal rules.

The penalties for these offenses will be applied by the teacher and involve:-Reprimand in private
Public Reprimand
Additional work as assistant school in any area of ​​1 to 3 days

Serious faults: those that alter the performance of the duties, the rules of behavior and interpersonal relationships.
These sanctions involve:
-Warning to parents
Additional work as an assistant in any
Area school during a regularly scheduled
Conditionality-registration for the
Next school year.

Flagrant Fouls: those that besides endangering the testimony of the institution, directly or indirectly affecting any of its members.

The school reserves the right to permanence and / or re-registration of the student to whom it has been applied penalty.

-The disciplinary committee is formed by the representation of a teacher, a parent, the management and the department of counseling and psychology.

-Recurrence of minor offenses and make them serious recurrences of serious offenses make them very serious.

-The purpose of discipline is to change attitudes and behaviors in a way that pleases God, every fault in any case be accompanied by the relevant reflection, plus the appropriate penalty.

This Manual-Disciplinary Student agrees to regulations established by the Ministry of Education, so that the school reserves the right to withdraw or re-enroll any student who does not share the ideology of the institution.

The effectiveness of this Disciplinary Manual and the proper conduct of educational activities will result from the joint action by administrators, teachers, parents, guardians and students.

In this section we do not want to transcribe the manual of discipline and conduct governing the institution, we attach the manual of conduct and discipline rules as proof that is given to each tutor father and children Bilingual School Higuey International School at the beginning of each school year well it is socialized with all parents on the first day of school entry in the activity of collecting information

13. Participation Manual

The manual involvement Higuey Bilingual School International School operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors and Advisory Board that set the course of Higuey Bilingual School International School also offers advice and support SOPACOBHINS, society of parents and friends of the Bilingual School Higuey International School, support and counseling UNHICOPRI higüeyana Private College Union, support and advice from Abeka Book, PCC Pensacola Christian College, Abeka Academy, The Ministry of Education and regional education district via 1200 1201 and ACSI Association of Christian Schools International, for decision-making innovation and application of new technologies we have the participation of all these classes.

El propósito general del décimo grado es poder desarrollar el máximo potencial de cada estudiante en las áreas espiritual, intelectual, físico, social, y emocional desde una perspectiva bíblica-cristiana.

Buscaremos a través de la docencia y aprendizaje cooperativo continuar desarrollando sus habilidades de razonamiento, solución de problemas, pensamiento crítico, pensamiento lógico matemático, así como sus actitudes y aptitudes para la lectura, escritura, oratoria, habilidades para escuchar y razonar.

Proveer un marco de referencia Bíblico que respalde su fe y que les permita defender su cosmovisión cristiana.

Promover el conocimiento y comprensión de los pueblos, eventos, movimientos históricos y culturales de su país y el de otras naciones.

Promover el respeto, comprensión y tolerancia por las personas con que se relacionan, llevar al entendimiento del valor de cada persona, lograr la identificación, aprecio y respeto por su nación, aprecio y cuidado por el medio ambiente, desarrollando una mayordomía responsable de la creación de Dios.

Desarrollar las habilidades de trabajo en equipo, amor por el trabajo y sensibilidad al servicio comunitario, práctica de la justicia y misericordia. Incrementar el aprecio por la literatura y las artes, desarrollar las habilidades para el uso eficiente de los recursos tecnológicos disponibles.

Asignaturas Décimo Grado:

  • Physical Education
  • Language
  • Orientation
  • Bible
  • Biology/Chemistry
  • French
  • World History
  • Computer
  • Art
  • Geometry
  • Physics
  • Lengua Española
  • Estudios Sociales
  • Cívica
  • Electricidad

El propósito general del onceavo grado es poder desarrollar el máximo potencial de cada estudiante en las áreas espiritual, intelectual, físico, social, y emocional desde una perspectiva bíblica-cristiana.

Consolidar su conocimiento, entendimiento y aplicación de la Palabra de Dios a sus vidas diarias, proveer el marco de referencia Bíblico que respalde su fe y les permita defender su cosmovisión cristiana, desarrollar hábitos y valores que modelen el testimonio de Jesucristo en sus vidas.

Se orientará al estudiante en el proceso de toma decisiones vocacionales u ocupacionales para su vida futura.

Se buscará a través de la docencia y aprendizaje cooperativo continuar desarrollando sus habilidades de razonamiento, solución de problemas, pensamiento crítico, pensamiento lógico matemático, así como sus actitudes y aptitudes para la lectura, escritura, oratoria, habilidades para escuchar y razonar.

Promover el respeto, comprensión y tolerancia por las personas con que se relacionan, llevar al entendimiento del valor de cada persona, lograr la identificación, aprecio y respeto por su nación, aprecio y cuidado por el medio ambiente, desarrollando una mayordomía responsable de la creación de Dios.

Desarrollar las habilidades de trabajo en equipo, amor por el trabajo y sensibilidad al servicio comunitario, práctica de la justicia y misericordia. Incrementar el aprecio por la literatura y las artes, desarrollar las habilidades para el uso eficiente de los recursos tecnológicos disponibles.

Desarrollar actitudes que contribuyan con el proceso de enseñanza – aprendizaje continuo, así como la comprensión del sentido práctico para la vida presente y futura de su educación.

Asignaturas Onceavo Grado:

  • Physical Education
  • Language
  • Orientación
  • Bible
  • Chemistry/Bible
  • French
  • World History
  • Computer
  • Art
  • Algebra II
  • Lengua Española
  • Estudios Sociales
  • Cívica
  • Agropecuaria

El propósito general del doceavo grado es poder desarrollar el máximo potencial de cada estudiante en las áreas espiritual, intelectual, físico, social, y emocional desde una perspectiva bíblica-cristiana.

Consolidar su conocimiento, entendimiento y aplicación de la Palabra de Dios a sus vidas diarias, proveer el marco de referencia Bíblico que respalde su fe y les permita defender su cosmovisión cristiana, desarrollar hábitos y valores que modelen el testimonio de Jesucristo en sus vidas.

Se orientará al estudiante en el proceso de toma decisiones vocacionales u ocupacionales para su vida futura. Desarrollar actitudes que contribuyan con el proceso de enseñanza – aprendizaje continuo, así como la comprensión del sentido práctico para la vida presente y futura de su educación. Mostrar la dignidad del trabajo como una expresión de la naturaleza de Dios y la importancia de ser buenos administradores de su tiempo y recursos a su disposición.

Se buscará a través de la docencia y aprendizaje cooperativo continuar desarrollando sus habilidades en las diferentes disciplinas académicas, así como sus actitudes y aptitudes para la lectura, escritura, oratoria, habilidades para escuchar y razonar. Continuar desarrollando sus habilidades para elaborar preguntas, responderlas, solucionar problemas y para la toma de decisiones sabias. Promover el ejercicio de la vida intelectual, que les permita participat en un intercambio abierto y honesto de ideas.

Promover el respeto, comprensión y tolerancia por las personas con que se relacionan, llevar al entendimiento del valor de cada persona, lograr la identificación, aprecio y respeto por su nación, aprecio y cuidado por el medio ambiente, desarrollando una mayordomía responsable de la creación de Dios.

Desarrollar las habilidades de trabajo en equipo, amor por el trabajo y sensibilidad al servicio comunitario, práctica de la justicia y misericordia. Incrementar el aprecio por la literatura y las artes, desarrollar las habilidades para el uso eficiente de los recursos tecnológicos disponibles.



Asignaturas Doceavo Grado:

  • Physical Education
  • Language
  • Bible
  • Orientación
  • French
  • World Geography
  • Estudios Sociales
  • Cívica
  • Computer
  • Art
  • Physics
  • Consumer Math
  • Algebra II
  • Química
  • Lengua Española